Saturday, January 26, 2013


Here's the second of two posts where you can bid to win a signed copy of the U.S. Paperback version of LOSING IT in an effort to raise money to help Patrick McCartney raise money for his cancer treatment.

The Auction will remain open through MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH 11:59 PM EST. The prize will go to the highest pledge. 

The book doesn't release until February 26th, so you'll receive your copy after that. Your copy will not be signed or sent until you've followed through on your pledge to donate. 

Leave your pledge and a contact email below in the comments. 

Thank you in advance! You guys rock! 


  1. $35 and

  2. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! This auction is now CLOSED.

    The highest bidder will be contacted within the next twenty-four hours with further details.

    Follow this blog for more information about future giveaways and opportunities.