Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The One with All the Feels


I don't even know how to begin this post.

Except, well... like this:

The LOSING IT paperback released yesterday in the U.S. (and Canada and a few other places!), and it has all just been so wonderfully overwhelming. Thank you so much to everyone who went out and bought the book, and SUPER thanks if you sent me a picture like this one from Sara in Virginia. 

You guys rock like the rockiest of all rockstars... yeah. Um. I love you guys and clearly don't have the words to properly articulate it. Between the pb release and all the pre-orders of FAKING IT, I'm pretty much a messy, embarrassing ball of feelings. 

And to show my love, I'm extending the LOVE LETTERS contest I posted about a few weeks ago. Essentially-- the contest works like this. You get one entry each time you share the love about LOSING IT. That love can be tweeting a picture of the book in a bookstore (like the one above). It can be making a blog post, tweet, or facebook post about the book. It can be a review posted to Amazon or B&N or Goodreads. It can be pretty much ANYTHING. I'm all about the creativity. Like check out this awesomeness from blogger Eileen... 

AND... you can post your love letter in as many places as you would like with one entry for each one. Just make sure you send me proof in the form of a link or picture to or it doesn't count. Originally the contest was scheduled to end at the end of February (aka tomorrow), but I've decided to extend it through the end of LOSING IT'S first week on sale. The contest now ends Monday, March 4th at 12:01 AM EST. I'll be giving signed books and fun LOSING IT themed merchandise like the "Stop! Cats!" Panties. :) The contest is INTERNATIONAL, so if you're jealous of the people buying the book in the U.S. when you can't... here is your solution! 

Well, folks. That's all I have. 

Except, you know, my complete and utter love for you all. 

In Awkward <3, 


P.S. Check out this New Girl gif I found. I died laughing because, well, Jess is so awkward like Bliss and well... the rest is obvious if you've read the book. 


  1. Feelings are good, especially these, embrace them!

  2. I LMAO everytime I read "Stop!Cats". The panty idea is the best!!

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