Thursday, October 17, 2013

The One with Super Cool Visitors

So.... This happened.


Finding It had a FANTASTIC release day on Tuesday. I cannot even begin to describe how overwhelmingly wonderful it was to see all the pictures from people picking up their copies. In particular, the search for the Super Special (or as Twitter fondly called it "Golden Ticket") Target copies was one of the coolest things  the coolest thing EVER! If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this

And I think I'm still kind of in shock about seeing all three books together. It's a crazy, amazing thing, and it doesn't feel real. And so many people have messaged me to tell me how much they loved the book. An overwhelming number have called it their favorite of the series, and every time it loosens one of those scary-release-day-knots in my stomach. 

If you haven't picked up your copy of Finding It yet, I hope you'll check out the Signed Special Edition at Target. Not only does it have my signature, but also a deleted scene. And more than that, Target has been really fantastic about supporting New Adult authors and the category as a whole. And I think we all hope that will continue! If you've got your copy, I can't wait to hear what you think of Kelsey's story! And Jackson, too, of course! Especially since he's getting his own novella (Seeking Her) in January! It's a sort-of-prequel. And by that I mean, it picks up a few weeks before the opening scene of Finding It with all new material, and then the last half of the novella overlaps with the beginning of Finding It, meaning you'll get those early scenes from his POV. 

But enough about me... 

As fantastic as this release week has been so far, I'm actually popping in to tell you about another new release! One of the best things about being an author is getting to meet other authors (most of which I TOTALLY fangirl over). Two such amazing authors that I've had the pleasure of meeting are Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt. And when we discovered that we were sharing a release day, we decided to do something special! 

They've just released the newest novella in their Lengths series, Riptides. If you haven't read this series, you need to jump on it ASAP! Though this one can be read as a stand alone, FYI. It's all about Enzo, a super hot surfer dude. And MAN... can I just say that I TOTALLY have the hots for Enzo! Here's a little more about his story: 

Enzo Rodriguez doesn't take much seriously--unless it involves waves, boards, or good beer.

When too-hot-to-handle Jessica Mills strolls into his life, Enzo is willing to forego all of those things for every second he can spend with her.

But Jessica has a huge secret--and when it’s revealed, it not only crushes Enzo, but has the last person he wants to ask a favor of--his brother-in-law Adam--bailing him out of jail.

Enzo is convinced that the only way to mend his bruised ego and heart, is to pack his bags and leave the turbulent waters of Silver Strand...for good. 

And in honor of this new book, I've invited Liz and Steph to the blog to answer some fun questions! Here's the interview below: 

1. So I know you guys probably get this A LOT, but I just had to ask because I’m so curious. What’s the BEST part of writing with a partner? And the WORST? How do you decide who writes what? Is one of you the slave driver of the bunch? Give me all the juicy details!

Liz: We DO get this question all the time...but you’re lucky we like you, because we’re gonna give you all the deets! Best part: STEPH CAMPBELL. Seriously, my best friend and heterolifemate. Steph and I have gone through the very best and very worst of publishing together, and it’s been sheer, total joy to get to do this with her. Sometimes I go into a cold sweat thinking that I ever did this WITHOUT her. She inspires me with her gorgeous writing and is a kindred soul to bounce my ideas and passions off of. Steph never, ever says ‘no’ to any wild/crazy idea I might come up with, and I am always shaky with excitement when she calls and says, “I know this might be crazy, but maybe we should write this…”

The worst part? Steph and I both come from Irish Catholic backgrounds and we’re moms, so we deal with a lot of pre-programmed life guilt at all times. When you write your own book, you put on your big girl pants and do what you need to do. And you accept the criticism as gracefully as you can. But when there’s another person depending on you, it’s incredibly upsetting when you don’t do well. You feel very, very responsible, even when you know full well you did your very best. I never want to let Steph down, and that drives me to work extremely hard on our projects.

STEPH:  I’m sort of a control freak, so to have found someone (Liz) that I trust so implicitly not only business wise, but with my art has been amazing and unexpected.

I’d definitely say I’m the slave driver of the pair. I tend to do more of our outlines and calendering and the detail type work. Liz has learned to laugh at me and/or roll with it when I get mildly obsessive. As for who writes what, it varies and we’ve tried it all the ways! In one book, we split characters and each wrote one, no deviation. In another, we wrote whichever character and whichever scene we were feeling that day and skipped all around. It’s fun to try different things with each project, and we *hope* we’re doing it in a fairly seamless way to where you can’t tell who is writing at any given point. :)

2. One of the things I feel like you guys do so well is character and family. Everyone has their own unique traits and yet they fit together so well. So, what I want to know is for the main characters in your books (especially Enzo from Riptides), what high school yearbook superlatives would they have won?  (Ex: Most likely to Succeed, Friendliest, Most likely to be a Reality TV Star, etc)

Why thank you, Cora!

Deo- Most Likely to Have a Restraining Order Against Him for Constantly Hugging
Cohen- Most Likely to Be Sweet on the Streets, Alpha in the Sheets
Adam- Most Likely to Kick Ass and Take Names...While Solving Scientific Mysteries
Enzo-  Most Likely to Break Free from the Family Business
Whit - Most Likely to Disappear After High School and Become a Tattooed Freak
Hattie - Most Likely to Take Over (and Organize) the World...All of It
Genevieve - Sexiest Heels for EVERY Occasion
Maren - Most Likely To Defend Her Man in the Zombie Apocalypse

3. If we could bring Enzo to life for a day, what would you three do together? Or would he abandon you all to go surfing? ;)

Liz: Wait. Will children read this blog? Bwahaha! Just kidding ;)! Enzo would take us out dancing and show us all his moves. He’d bring us to his mother’s house and we’d have a Mexi-kosher meal that would blow our minds. And, of course, he’d take us surfing! I’m a huge klutz and can barely swim, so I’d have to grip onto his big, muscled arms!

4. What Hogwarts houses would you be in? What about Enzo? Any other characters you’d like to mention?

STEPH: No question, Lydia is Slytherin all the way. Genevieve is Ravenclaw. Deo, could be a Hufflepuff spokesperson, I’m convinced. Our Rodriguez boys, Cohen and Enzo are definitely Gryffindors: loyal and chivalrous (and sexy as hell...that’s a prerequisite according to the Sorting Hat, right?)

5. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. *it happens* Which of your characters dies first? Who would you want by your side fighting zombies? Who goes off searching for a cure? Who completely loses it? Who is thebrains behind keeping your group alive? (Can you tell I’ve been marathoning The Walking Dead).

You and Cohen both! He’s obsessed! And would be the brains keeping them all alive, because that boy is the ultimate alpha when he needs to be! Maren would be by his side, since he’s prepared her with hours of zombie movies/what if scenarios.

 Poor Deo goes first...he’s too busy cracking jokes a la Bill Murray in ZOMBIELAND to take the attack seriously. Whit is who I want by my side, because after Deo gets eaten, she’s a killing machine hell-bent on vengeance! Ryan backs her up with all his training and skills. Genevieve loses it...she can’t wear her heels, there is no beach time, and Adam has to leave her to go cure the disease!

Hattie and Adam team up to get the cure and administer it. And those zombies don’t stand a CHANCE!


6. In Riptides, we get a lot of surfing and baking (including one particularly delicious scene back in the kitchen… YOU KNOW which one I mean). Are either of you bakers? Surfers? I had an easy bake oven once… *blinks*

Liz: I am an uncoordinated blind bat who burns everything! Steph is the surfing, baking hero of my life! I depend on her for all that inspiration and knowledge. And also to feed me. And to explain how movement works. I’m very, very co-dependent. (But I’m totally willing to use my kitchen like Enzo my husband is very cool with my complete lack of baking skills ;)!)

STEPH: I cheat, in that I love to bake, but I don’t have a sweet tooth at all. So I bake constantly, but pass it all off to other people to devour. :) I’m from So Cal, so I’ve surfed a handful of times, but nothing major (unless you consider my lack of coordination major. Which it is. Eep!)

Thanks so much for having us, Cora! We’re both STOKED for the release of FINDING IT! 

Ahhh.... I seriously love those girls! They write such strong characters. Their books are fun and smart (my favorite kind). I hope you'll check them out! And drool over Enzo with me! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved everything about this post! My most favorite part for reals, though, was "Cohen- Most Likely to Be Sweet on the Streets, Alpha in the Sheets" LOL, perfect and I loved the rhyme!

    Eep, seriously I loved this interview so much, I almost just want to frame it! #crazyfangirl ;p

  2. Seriously, MOST FUN interview ever. <3 all three of ya gals- thanks for sharing! xo

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