Friday, April 26, 2013

The One about FINDING IT

We've passed the 4,250 like mark on Facebook! And that means you guys get a little more info about Kelsey's book, FINDING IT.

I am SO EXCITED about this book. I'm in edits for it at the moment, and I just love it. IN EDITS. Now, that is saying something.

So, here we go!

FINDING IT by Cora Carmack
Coming October 1st, 2013!

Most girls would kill to spend months traveling around Europe after college graduation with no responsibility, no parents, and no-limit credit cards. Kelsey Summers is no exception. She's having the time of her life...or that's what she keeps telling herself.

It's a lonely business trying to find out who you are, especially when you're afraid you won't like what you discover. No amount of drinking or dancing can chase away Kelsey's loneliness, but maybe Jackson Hunt can. After a few chance meetings, he convinces her to take a journey of adventure instead of alcohol. With each new city and experience, Kelsey's mind becomes a little clearer and her heart a little less hers. Jackson helps her unravel her own dreams and desires. But the more she learns about herself, the more Kelsey realizes how little she knows about Jackson.

There it is! This book is full of traveling and accents and parties... and Jackson Hunt. 

Gah. I LOVE Hunt. Hard to say... but he might end up my favorite guy so far. SQUEEEE. 

And just so you know... I've got a very SPECIAL announcement coming your way on Monday. So, get ready! 


  1. *DANCING!!* I'm DANCING! Favorite guy yet??? You torture me!! I'm so excited! I'm excitedly tortured? that sounds like i'm talking about a different genre of books all together....

    anyway, it's still early where i'm at, so i'm not firing on all cylinders. but yay!! ;)

  2. Losing It was my first foray into new adult, and I'm not gonna lie, I was nervous. BUT I LOVED IT! And from what I can tell, I'm going to like the two companion novels even more! Finding It sounds amazing, but the fact that THIS guy is your favorite? *sigh* OCTOBER, WHY YOU SO FAR AWAY?!?

  3. Favorite SO FAR??!! That's saying a LOT. You go, girl! Can't wait to read!! :)

  4. Seriously, if Hunt is hotter than Cade is in Faking It, my pathetic little heart will BURST. Cade is the hottest guy I think I have ever read this side of the BDB. Honestly, how I didn't see that in Losing It... well, I must have been blinded by Garrick.

    SO. looking forward to more from you!!

  5. Ahhhhh the waiting is killing me!! I can't wait to read more, it sounds pretty awesome so far :)