Thursday, April 11, 2013

The One Where We Celebrate

Guess what, friends?

This little beauty, the UK paperback edition of LOSING IT, made the paperback bestseller list in the UK! How awesome is that?? I am astounded, and unbelievably excited!

Thank you to all the UK folks who have bought the book. I have loved hearing from you all and seeing the pictures of the book in stores! You rock!

And... that's not all folks! I have more news! 

German rights to NYT and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack's debut LOSING IT, to Lyx, by Friederike Biesel of Thomas Schlueck Agency, in association with Kathleen Ortiz of New Leaf Literary & Media, on behalf of Suzie Townsend.

LOSING IT is going to be translated into GERMAN! That makes ten foreign rights sales in all... which again... blows my mind.

I am just so overwhelmed and thankful to have such awesome fans. And to have a great team of agents behind me that have worked so hard to get my books to as many readers as possible. 

I want to give a quick shout out to the fans that came out to LA this past weekend for the LA Author Event. It was my first official signing, and you guys made it SUCH a blast. Thank you all for waiting in that massive line, and for being so adorable and sweet. And for, you know, giving a damn about little old me. SO. MUCH. LOVE....


My next big appearance is at the RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City at the beginning of May. After that, I'll be in Minneapolis on May 18!

And for my lovely UK fans who made half of this post possible... I'm working on a possible signing in LONDON! Nothing official yet, but we're looking at sometime in June. <3 Get excited!

P.S. I still owe you guys a blog post about that awkward occurrence from a few weeks back. It's coming this week. :)


  1. So glad its become a UK paperback bestseller, i knew it would :P It would be so amazing if you visit the UK especially if you do so in June because thats when my birthday is :D

    Laura @ Bookish Treasures

  2. aww so glad 4 u now we need book 2 to follow it xx

  3. Congrats on hitting the UK bestseller lists - it's well deserved!

    I'm so excited you're planning on coming to the UK to do a London signing!!!! This is just brilliant news :o)