Thursday, July 4, 2013

The One Where--GO VOTE, Silly! What are you waiting for?


(Yeah... I'm the giant nerd that just said nigh).

Garrick's first match in the #NACrushTourney is underway!

He's up against Kayden from Jessica Sorenson's The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. I love me some Jessica Sorenson, so Garrick's not got an easy match in front of him.

But I believe in our hunky British guy... don't you?

What... you need convincing? Well, here's a little video that my uber awesome #TeamGarrick street team made:

Vote for Garrick! by Slidely - Slideshow maker

Yeah. The accent always wins, right? Still need more convincing? What about all these delicious Garrick icons?

(Okay... I know that last one doesn't say anything about Garrick, but Joseph Morgan could totally be Garrick, and HELLO.... HAMLET). 

If those haven't convinced you... I guess these might! 

  • If Garrick is ahead at 11am, I will post a short teaser from Keeping Her (which releases in August)
  • If Garrick is ahead at 2pm, I will post a short teaser from Finding It (which releases in October)
  • If Garrick is ahead at 5pm, we'll get another short teaser from Keeping Her,
  • If Garrick is ahead at 8pm, we get a longer teaser from Finding it
And just in case you need more to keep you going - if Garrick WINS this round, not only will I host a facebook chat with Garrick where you can ask him all your burning questions, but I'll throw an EPIC celebration giveway of 8 signed copies of Losing It or Faking It + 10 signed bookplates! All open internationally.  So go vote for Garrick!

Oh, and there's this other thing: If Garrick wins the whole NA Crush Tourney, I was thinking I could probably write the proposal scene. You know... the one that Garrick hints at in the epilogue of LOSING IT. You guys would like that... right? *grins*

And while I've got you all... you know that Keeping Her (along with several other of my books including Losing It) are on sale right now, right? YUP... the novella continuation of Garrick and Bliss's story is only $.99!


Regardless of how today plays out... I'm thrilled to have been a part of this tournament. And I hope all you awesome fans will take the opportunity to read any of the books involved if you haven't already. I've read a lot of them, and loved them so much. And please take the time to thank the hosts at NA Alley for hosting such a fun, celebratory event. And thank you all in advance for your support of my books and the New Adult category as a whole. You rock! 

And please do check out my advocate's blog, In the Best Worlds! Hannah and the street team have done so much amazing work, and they've got fun giveaways and events happening that you should be a part of! 

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