Thursday, July 4, 2013

The One With the Incentives!

As I mentioned in this post, The #NACrushTourney is happening, and you guys are doing an AMAZING job supporting Garrick.

So amazing in fact that you've already earned some incentives! I'll update this post throughout the day if (and hopefully when) we earn new rewards! Check it out:

  • If Garrick is ahead at 11am, I will post a short teaser from Keeping Her (which releases in August)

UPDATE: EARNED! Garrick had 52% of the vote at 11 AM, so here is your teaser from Keeping Her! And this is a great time to give you all a little bit of news about that novella! Originally, we pitched that novella as Garrick's POV, which it still is! But in revisions, we decided to add in Bliss's POV, too. So, it's a dual narrative like FAKING IT. This little snippet comes from Bliss's POV:

 “That, Mr. Taylor, was a very good answer to my question." 
His fingertips tickled the back of my knee and his mouth moved lazily across my shoulder. I shivered as he said, “What was the question again?” The hand on my knee trailed up the sensitive skin on the inside of my thigh. “I got distracted.”

  • If Garrick is ahead at 2pm, I will post a short teaser from Finding It (which releases in October)
  • If Garrick is ahead at 5pm, we'll get another short teaser from Keeping Her,
  • If Garrick is ahead at 8pm, we get a longer teaser from Finding it
And just in case you need more to keep you going - if Garrick WINS this round, not only will I host a facebook chat with Garrick where you can ask him all your burning questions, but I'll throw an EPIC celebration giveway of 8 signed copies of Losing It or Faking It + 10 signed bookplates! All open internationally.  So go vote for Garrick!

Oh, and there's this other thing: If Garrick wins the whole NA Crush Tourney, I was thinking I could probably write the proposal scene. You know... the one that Garrick hints at in the epilogue of LOSING IT. You guys would like that... right? *grins*


  1. Voted!! I hope Garrick wins :) I'm so excited to read about Finding It and the proposal scene.

  2. Hey there!! I just wanted to let you know your my newest favorite author! I took a road trip today (from Seattle to California) and was able to finish the entire Loosing It book on audiobook during my drive! It was WONDERFUL, sooo funny and kept me awake and alert during my drive! Thank you for such a amazing road trip! I'm reading Faking it now. :)

    Alexis at