Monday, August 12, 2013

The One Before the Release Date

Hellooooo my loves!

I know it's been horrendously long since I've updated here. But I promise, I have a good excuse.

First, I was moving. Which was long and stressful (and is still not completely over), but I've officially left Texas for New York. I'm still sleeping on an air mattress and waiting for my furniture, but I'm here.

Second, (and more importantly), between travel for multiple events, I was working diligently on edits and then copy-edits for FINDING IT, which thankfully is completely finished and off to print now. I cannot WAIT for you all to meet Jackson Hunt. He might just be my FAVORITE hero yet. He's former military and 110% swoon-worthy. In my head, he looks a bit like this:

Seriously... look at that smile! And he's getting his own novella after FINDING IT. EEEEP. 

But enough about Jackson... let's talk about Garrick. Have you missed him. Well, he's BACK! 

THAT'S RIGHT. This Tuesday (or Thursday if you're in the UK), Garrick and Bliss are coming back in the novella, KEEPING HER. And it's only .99 cents! 

I know, right? The novella takes place after LOSING IT, and is centered around a trip to London to meet Garrick's parents. As a novella, it's a short little look at what comes AFTER a happily ever after. There's more romance (a lot of it actually), some adjustments to engaged life, and some major life decisions. And it's in London! Feel free to freak out! 

Me thinks you all need a bit more convincing to revisit Garrick and Bliss. So how about a little teaser? :D

Her pretty little mouth formed a circle. That was all it took. No matter that there were hundreds of people downstairs, and we were in my parents’ house. I wanted her as badly as I ever had.
I walked her toward the bed and she said, “Garrick! The people downstairs.”
“Won’t hear a thing unless you plan on screaming my name. In which case, it might be worth it.”
She swatted my shoulder, and I deposited her on the bed.
“What if your mother comes upstairs?”
I knelt at the foot of the bed and slipped off her shoes.
“Then we’ll have another awkward occurrence to add to our repertoire.”
“That’s not even remotely funny, Garrick”
I kissed the inside of her knee and said, “Do you see me laughing?” 

And after you give KEEPING HER a read, join me this Wednesday for a chat on the Avon Romance website at 12PM EST with the amazing Monica Murphy. 

That's all I've got. Though I should have more exciting updates for you in the coming weeks. *wink*



  1. Yay!! Love your books and am looking forward to 'Finding It' and 'Keeping Her'! Keep up the great work!! ; )

    Best wishes,


    Can't wait to read both Finding It and Keeping Her! Jackson Hunt sounds dreamy <3

  3. Can't wait. Got my copy on pre-order, and I am dying to meet Jackson Hunt now.

  4. LOL Love all the gifs!!! Congrats~

  5. Not that I needed incentive to one-click Keeping Her but I do so appreciate the teaser! Thanks!! And thanks also for those images of Jackson Hunt...can't wait to meet him!

  6. Love all the books. Also hope you write more on cade and max. They were all really good but i really liked faking it. Couldnt put it down