Friday, September 27, 2013

The One Where Bliss Might Have Leprosy

Hey Guys! It's that time again. It's the second Friday Flash Fiction! 

Here's the gist of it. Every Friday, I'm going to make a post on my Facebook page calling for writing prompts. You can pick any character from my books-- main characters like Garrick or Cade or minor characters like Rusty and Spencer. Comment on my post with that character's name and then a place or object for a prompt. Heck, you can even post things like songs or pictures. Anything you'd like to see me write. 

Then, I'll pick one and write just a fast and fun little snippet to post here on my blog. 

So, in our second week, we had some more fantastic prompts (including a couple of really fantastic Max/Cade ones). But since Max and Cade won out last week, I decided this one should be Garrick and Bliss. 

PROMPT: Bliss and Garrick go to the vet with Hamlet

So, without further ado, here's my Flash Fiction Friday entry #2


WARNING PART TWO: This is unedited. Like... I wrote it on my phone. So, if there are errors, don't judge me. 

WARNING PART THREE: This is NOT an excerpt from any upcoming book. This is just for fun. 

"Garrick, answer your damn phone! I've left you a hundred messages, and if you don't get here soon, your fianc√© might be shredded into tiny little pieces by a sick demon cat." 

I knelt beside Hamlet who laid on her side in the middle of our bed. She was lethargic and her stomach looked bloated, but even so she let out a low, warning growl when I reached a hand out toward her. 

"Yeah, yeah. I get it. You want to claw out my eyes, but let's just call a truce, okay?" 
Hamlet hissed like I was spraying her with Holy water. 

"I love you, you stupid evil beast. Let me help you!" She growled again, but this time the noise drifted off into a sickly moan. "Okay. That's it." 

I gripped the edge of the comforter and flipped it over the top of Hamlet. then i dragged the bulky covers into my arms, a spitting Hamlet rolled up inside. I maneuvered her so that only her head was poking out to breathe then I jogged to the door.  

I flew down the stairs, calling Garrick again. I left him another message, telling him to meet me at the vet's office. Then I flagged down a cab and jumped in the back with my furry devil. 

Twenty minutes later I discovered the one person that Hamlet despised more than me-- a bespectacled man with a sharp needle. 

"Hold him still."

"She's a her." 

"It's named Hamlet."

"Yeah! I know... So?" 

Hamlet's prickly persona was rubbing off on me. 

"Just hold her."

I tried. I really did. But even on her deathbed, Hamlet didn't want me to touch her. 

Maybe she was one if those gifted animals that could sniff out cancer. Or leprosy. Maybe that's why she would touch me.

Luckily, Garrick breezed in at that moment. 

"Oh Thank God." I pointed at Hamlet. "Fix this!" 

Garrick wrapped one arm around my shoulder, kissing my temple (he didn't seem worried about leprosy), and then laid a hand on Hamlet. 

The cat whisperer struck again. Even the vet stared in awe as Hamlet settled down. she was so still and quiet, she could have been sleeping. They should hire him as a human sedative. 

"I'm sorry. Rehearsal ran long."
I leaned against his chest, and nodded. "That's okay. I handled it." 

He grinned down at me, those blue eyes sparkling. 

"You brought the whole comforter off our bed?"
"Duh. Did you want me to require plastic surgery before our wedding?" 

"Of course not."

He grinned, leaning down to capture my lips in a quick, tingling kiss. 

"Is this a bad time to suggest we train Hamlet to be our ring bearer?" 

Hamlet let out a horrifying growl as the vet pressed on her stomach. 

I pointed a thumb at her hissing form and replied, "What she said." 

There you go. Nothing too swoony, I know. But what can I say? Hamlet is a mood killer. :) See you next Friday  for another Friday Flash Fiction! 

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