Thursday, September 5, 2013

The One Where I Suck (Not Literally, but Well... You know)

*peeks out from under rock*

AHHHHH my God, I have been so MIA that MIA doesn't even begin to describe my MIA-ness.

I suck.

I'm sorry. Incredibly sorry.

My only excuse is that I have been busy writing books! And signing books! And traveling! Oh, and I moved, too!

But hey! A lot has happened in that time. Most of it very good. So bear with me... this will be the catch up posts of all catch-up posts. But there is one VERY important announcement and a giveaway coming near the end.

For one, KEEPING HER made the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller list! HUZZAH! That was awesome. And I did something that looked a little like this...

I have visited some truly FANTASTIC places. Really. London. Toronto. Atlanta. New York. Las Vegas. Many for the first time. 

London kept my mom's appendix. So there's that. We forever left our mark. :) I met some fabulous bloggers, some of whom had been with me from the very beginning and hold a truly special place in my heart. We had a fab event where among other things, I read from my books. You can hear me read from FAKING IT here. Toronto was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to go back and spend a little more time there. RWA in Atlanta was understandably AMAZING. There is something so awe-inspiring about that many booklovers in one place. New York is... well... I loved it enough to move here. That should say something! ;) And Las Vegas... the land of the Naughty Mafia. I had a BLAST... friends, food, fun, and too much gambling. Haha. Hey, it was my first time! I needed the full experience. 

If you missed me at any of these events, make sure and check out my Appearances page. 

Several other AMAZING things have happened, two in particular. Unfortunately... I can't share about those yet. SOON. Within the month, I hope to be able to tell you about ALL THE GOOD THINGS. Feel free to speculate in the mean time. ;)

Here's the part with the announcement. 

A very important, not quite as exciting, announcement. 

Remember this book? 

The one about Kelsey and Jackson (who might be my FAVORITE book boyfriend yet! Don't believe me? I'm not alone). 

Well... originally it was due to release October 1st here in the US and the end of September in the UK. Things have... changed. It will now be releasing October 15th in the US and October 10th in the UK. 

I know... I know... before you do something drastic... 

Hear me out. There's a good reason! In simplest terms, we needed those extra two weeks to make sure the book was in the best possible shape. The last thing I wanted to do was put out a book I wasn't proud of. I always want to give you the best story I can. 

AND... that extra time allowed us to do something VERY special  for Finding It. We've known for a month or so that we were pushing back the release day, but I've been putting off telling everyone because I wanted to be able to tell you about that VERY SPECIAL thing, too. Unfortunately... I can't tell you about that thing. Not yet. But considering we're less than a month out from the original publication, and I was seeing contradicting posts, I thought it was time that I went ahead and made the announcement. 

So all in all, pushing it back two weeks sucks. I know. BUT... It will be worth it. 

(Or you know, I'm Cora). 

P.S. When you do get to read about and fall in love with Jackson Hunt... you'll be glad to know he's getting his own NOVELLA! I just finished it (squee) and it will be releasing early 2014! 

Well, then. Now that you've stuck with me through the updates and the sad!face announcement, you'll be happy to know I've got some good news! 

IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME! In honor of hitting 11,000 likes on Facebook, I'm giving away this giant stash of books. 

ARC of Foreplay by Sophie Jordan (Signed)
ARC of A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrocher
Taking Chances by Molly McAdams
Losing It (Signed)
Faking It (Signed)
Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout
ARC of Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Signed) 
"Awkward people need love, too" Bracelets 
Signed Bookmarks
Signed Losing It Rack cards
Signed Faking It Rack cards

(P.S. I know I said I was going to give away a stuffed version of Hamlet, but I'm still looking. Next time!)

I'll be choosing THREE winners! 

The Grand prize winner will get: Signed Losing It, Signed Faking It, One additional book of their choice, plus swag. 

The Second prize winner will get to choose two books from the remaining books, plus swag. 

The Third prize winner will get the remaining two books, plus swag. 

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  1. You TEASE you!!!

    but I still love you.

    *sigh* *waits here for the big news*

  2. Thanks for the giveaway I still love you

  3. Oh I can wait.. if I have to :) I know it will be well worth it so it is all good!!! I have entered and crossed all appendages!

  4. The fact that you have 2 amazingly amazing news and can't tell us... yeah, I know you understand what I mean... At least you make it up with the most amazing give away ;) hahaha!

    Can't really wait to hear the new good news hahaha Thanks for the awesome give away :D Don't stop being amazing!

  5. OMG... so excited about the gifts!... and Waiting for Faking It!

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  7. YAY! This giveaway is AMAZEBALLS! I love it!

  8. Fantastic giveaway!! And now I'm on the edge of my seat for all this amazing news.

  9. I don't mind the waiting. At least its being released on the same month. Also,the book is being released on my birthday. Already my birthday is better than last year. At BEA in NY, I asked where you were moving in NYC and you said Astoria, did you moved there or somewhere else?

  10. I think the exciting news is that you have pitched another series and had it optioned, and we will all get more fabulous books by Cora. <3

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