Saturday, October 13, 2012

Buy LOSING IT at Barnes & Noble!

Hey guys!

Remember that time that I hit publish early on Barnes and Noble because I heard it had been taking several days for authors to get approved, then woke up to find it live and for sale less than twelve hours later?

Oh, yeah. It was now.

That's right! LOSING IT is available to buy from Barnes & Noble!

I hit publish on Amazon early this morning, so it could be up anywhere from 12-24 hours from then until it goes live. Which means sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

So keep your trigger finger poised over that refresh button!

I'm already seeing people reading and enjoying it on Goodreads, which is amazing! I seriously feel like I just got my letter inviting me to Hogwarts. This is THAT good.

If you do buy and read it, I will love you forever if you rate and post a review of the book on B&N and Amazon!

In Awkward <3,



  1. Downloaded and going to start reading ASAP.

  2. Hi Cora, when will the hardcopy be released? Really want to buy and read it. I don't have e-reader so.. yeah.. Tq

  3. Hi, I've been trying to buy this book but at present it is only available in the US. When will it be available in Australia?