Sunday, October 14, 2012

LOSING IT is live!

It is official! LOSING IT is live at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

I love love LOVE you all.

I hope you enjoy the book! I hope you love it enough to leave a review and tell your friends! And I hope you love it enough to continue checking my wee little blog here for news about my next work, which will be a companion novel to LOSING IT about Cade, one of the secondary characters in the book.

And now that the book is alive and kicking... I'm off to sleep.

Here's to sweet writerly dreams!

In Awkward <3,



  1. A companion novel!? HOLY! I want. NOW. ;))))) And ginormous congrats on LOSING IT's release! Wooooot!

  2. OMG, OMG! I'm buying it RIGHT NOW!! Congrats!!

  3. But could you also publish it on Kobo?? I don't have a Nook or Kindle, BUT I REALLY WANT TO READ THIS!!!

  4. Read this book in 3 hours. Sequel!! Loved it!

  5. OMG. I loved it. Just absolutely loved this book. I have never commented on an author's blog before, but I just had to let you know this book is amazing! I had to stop reading it in public this morning...I'm pretty sure the strangers at my daughter's swim lessons thought I was hyperventilating when I was dying from silent laughter!

    So good. I may never look at cats the same way again, or at least w/o thinking of Bliss!

    Stacey L